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Public Folders Appear empty to a particular user, when we know they are not - It's pretty simple really, this user should see the contents of this folder, but they can't!

Any ideas why you'd see messages flash on the screen for a split second, and then never appear?


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Can the user view the contents in OWA? If so, then it's an Outlook view problem and you should reset their view. If not, then I'd take a look at the permissions on the PF, what roles have which permissions, is the user listed in the permissions or is the user a member of a group that has permissions and what roles/permissions are granted to the user or group. PF folder access is based on roles (Author, Editor, Contributor, etc) and each role has a specific set of permissions on the PF. You can also set custom role permissions.

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I didn't consider the view in OWA - I will be looking into this in a few moments, Thanks. –  Mister IT Guru Sep 15 '11 at 15:04
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