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Good day,

I'm having a very strange Problem with FTP transfers. The ftp server is a Linux 2.6 32-bit box with vsftp installed. On this box, transmission-daemon (bittorrent) is also installed and the download path is /mnt/usbdrive/transmission-daemon/

Whenever I ftp from my other computers to the ftp server and start a transfer from the above directory, the speeds are 2-6mbit/s with several stalls in the transfer progress.

All other directories, either from the internal disk, or from another directory on the USB drive are fine. 10Mbit/s stable.

Things I have tried, without success:

  • HTTP instead of FTP
  • Changing permissions on /mnt/usbdrive/transmission-daemon/
  • shortening transmission-daemon to trd
  • fsck on the usb-drive
  • stopping transmission-daemon

Anyone who knows whats going on here?



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What is the output of vmstat 1 or top? –  Turbo J Sep 19 '11 at 23:07
Sorry for not responding, been busy. Here is the vmstat output. pastebin.com/phU6ai0T Checked /proc/swaps (doesn't fill). –  ultrix Oct 4 '11 at 16:28

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The issue may not be in app level. I suggest you measure the network condition between two ends of your ftp transmission first. Tools like netperf can serve this well.

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