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I'm trying to connect via SQL Server Powershell Cmdlet (read not ADO.NET) using SQL-based Authentication, not Windows Integrated security.

Anyone know the format to use for this?

  • Server: foo
  • Instance: DEFAULT
  • UserID: homer
  • Password: simponsrock

I can get to this SQL-cmdlet path using SQL Server Management Studio.

When doing it that way, the path is:

The problem is that I cannot set-location to this path via PowerShell

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Have a look here:

Your issue is dealt with in the section "Managing SQL Server Authentication Connections".

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You can also do a one-off using the Invoke-Sqlcmd statement. You have to have the SQL 2008 Powershell host installed for this (sqlps.exe) which gets installed with SQL 2008.

PS C:\> sqlps
PS>invoke-sqlcmd -query "SELECT * FROM sys.databases" -serverinstance "foo" -username "homer" -password "simpsonsrock"
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