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Lighty2Go is the portable version of the Lighttpd server. I'm required to use it for a project I am doing.

I need to use SSI (Server Side Includes). I know SSI is old and slow, that is OK for this project. I know Lighty2Go/Lighttpd has support for SSI, however, I can't seem to get it to work.

My Index Page:

<doctype html>
        <title>Test Site</title>
        <!--#include file="header.txt"-->
        Test Content

The header.txt file has this inside:

This is header.txt

I've changed some settings in the config to no avail. Any ideas? Does anybody have a step-by-step way to do it for newbies? I'm new to Lighty2Go, I'm only using it so I can test my SSI enabled sites before uploading them to a server.


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Under the Lighty2Go directory, you'll need to edit the lighttpd config file at LightTPD/conf/lighttpd-l2g.conf.

Under server.modules = (, uncomment the "mod_ssi", line. Also, uncomment the ssi.extension = ( ".shtml" ) line near the bottom of the file.

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