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When I am trying to sftp the directory structure ( Here the directory is having other directories recursively) I am not getting all the files.

Can you please suggest me the way to do this

Thanks shyam

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Another way to do this ( and it skips over files that are already copied )

rsync -av your/local/dir/ user@remotehost:/your/remote/dir/
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Thanks a lot!! After hours of trying stuff that didn't work, your method worked for me. phew!! thx! – Amatya Sep 18 '14 at 12:42

Use scp -r:

scp -r /your/local/dir user@remotehost:/your/remote/dir
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Recent versions of OpenSSH sftp client also support recursive transfers:

sftp> get -r /remote/path /local/path

Though, my preferred almost-any-protocol command-line client is lftp!

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