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I recently installed Collabnet SVN on my windows server. However, I hate the /svn at end so I moved it to the root domain. However it's now giving me 403 forbidden.

Here's my config

<Location />   
   DAV svn
   SVNParentPath "C:\csvn\data\repositories"
   SVNReposName "CollabNet Subversion Repository"
  AuthzSVNAccessFile "C:\csvn\data/conf/svn_access_file"
  SVNListParentPath On
  Allow from all
  AuthType Basic
  AuthName "CollabNet Subversion Repository"
  AuthBasicProvider csvn-file-users
  Require valid-user

Is there any way around this?

Edit- Error log:

[Fri Sep 16 23:27:00 2011] [error] [client] Could not fetch resource information.  [500, #0]
[Fri Sep 16 23:27:00 2011] [error] [client] Could not open the requested SVN filesystem  [500, #720003]
[Fri Sep 16 23:27:00 2011] [error] [client] Could not open the requested SVN filesystem  [500, #720003]

access log: - admin [16/Sep/2011:23:27:00 +1000] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 403 202

The rest of the config file is really big, but it's the bog-standard from collabnet.

ServerRoot "C:\csvn"

LoadModule dav_module lib/modules/mod_dav.so
LoadModule authz_host_module lib/modules/mod_authz_host.so
LoadModule alias_module lib/modules/mod_alias.so
LoadModule auth_basic_module lib/modules/mod_auth_basic.so
LoadModule authn_alias_module lib/modules/mod_authn_alias.so
LoadModule authn_file_module lib/modules/mod_authn_file.so
LoadModule env_module lib/modules/mod_env.so
LoadModule log_config_module lib/modules/mod_log_config.so
LoadModule cgi_module lib/modules/mod_cgi.so
LoadModule actions_module lib/modules/mod_actions.so
LoadModule asis_module lib/modules/mod_asis.so
LoadModule authn_default_module lib/modules/mod_authn_default.so
LoadModule authz_default_module lib/modules/mod_authz_default.so
LoadModule authz_groupfile_module lib/modules/mod_authz_groupfile.so
LoadModule authz_user_module lib/modules/mod_authz_user.so
LoadModule dav_fs_module lib/modules/mod_dav_fs.so
LoadModule dir_module lib/modules/mod_dir.so
LoadModule include_module lib/modules/mod_include.so
LoadModule mime_module lib/modules/mod_mime.so
LoadModule negotiation_module lib/modules/mod_negotiation.so
LoadModule setenvif_module lib/modules/mod_setenvif.so
LoadModule dav_svn_module     lib/modules/mod_dav_svn.so
LoadModule authz_svn_module   lib/modules/mod_authz_svn.so

DocumentRoot "www"
DirectoryIndex index.html

<Directory />
  Options FollowSymLinks
  AllowOverride None
  Order allow,deny
  Allow from all

<Location />
  AuthBasicAuthoritative Off
  AuthUserFile /dev/null

<Directory "www">
  Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
  AllowOverride None
  Order allow,deny
  Allow from all

# The following lines prevent .htaccess and .htpasswd files from being 
# viewed by Web clients. 
<FilesMatch "^\.ht">
    Order allow,deny
    Deny from all
    Satisfy All

Include "C:\csvn\data/conf/csvn_main_httpd.conf"

LimitXMLRequestBody 0
ServerSignature  Off
ServerTokens  Prod

TypesConfig "C:\csvn\data/conf/mime.types"
DefaultType text/plain
AddType application/x-compress .Z
AddType application/x-gzip .gz .tgz

Include "C:\csvn\data/conf/csvn_logging.conf"

Include "C:\csvn\data/conf/svn_viewvc_httpd_custom.conf"
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Where is the Apache's DocumentRoot? What does svn_access_file look like? Did you take a look at Apache's error log? –  quanta Sep 16 '11 at 13:24
Does the user that Apache's running as have rights granted to the repository directories? –  Shane Madden Sep 16 '11 at 16:51

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