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8 GB DDR3 RAM v.s. 4 x 2048 MB DDRII PC667 RAM

What is the main difference between 8 and "4 x 2048"

They both equal the same amount of RAM right?

And what is DDR3 and DDRII?

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How is this off topic? That is ridiculus – Joe Sep 18 '11 at 18:52

There are a few things:

  • First, the two options you list have different performing RAM (DDR3 vs. DDR2).
  • Second, some architectures (e.g. NUMA) perform differently (better or worse depending on the workload) with memory that is separated into multiple buses over memory that is accessed over the same bus.
  • Finally, there could be other differences between the RAM. Note that the DDR2 RAM is listed as being PC667, but there is no measurement listed for the DDR3 option.
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They're each 8GB of memory -- one is of DDR3 and one is of DDRII.

DDR3 is generally preferred over DDRII. This page talks about the difference between the two.

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