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I currently have a EV Premium SSL from godaddy.com for www.mydomain.com

Is it possible to install a wildcard SSL together with a EV Premium SSL?

www.mydomain.com is my main SSL as customers see it with the green bar and company name etc.

However, elements on my webpage are loaded from: css.mydomain.com js.mydomain.com img.mydomain.com etc

I would not like to get a Premium SSL for each since it would cost too much, and in any case customers don't go to pages via those domains. I need to have a SSL on them as Internet Explorer will show SSL mixed content error messages without it.

I currently run a a WHM/cPanel CentOS server.

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No you cant. At least not on the same IP address/port number combo. When the client connects you can present one and only one certificate.

You can however set up it on another (nonstandard) port or even better on another IP with a standart ssl port.

Then you can configure which cert to use for each one (of the two).

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This is not a problem, the other subdomains are already on a different IP. –  cappuccino Sep 19 '11 at 8:23

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