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When you monitor a process with Monit by its pid, like :

check process blop with pidfile /.../
      start program = "..."
      stop  program = "..."

you get an alert when the pidfile is changed.

How do you disable this alert? For example, if you only want to know when the process fails to be restarted.

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Sorry, didn't get a notification... – aurels Sep 27 '13 at 9:54
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You can disable this alert by setting up a local alert statement. This is thoroughly documented here:

This should do it:

check process blop with pidfile /.../
    alert but not on { pid }
    start program = "..."
    stop  program = "..."
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Another option is disabling alerts on

set alert not on { instance, action }

This way you will not receive alerts for monit restart (instance) nor alerts for all services start/stop/restart (action).

Full list of possible filters for this can be found at: (I think this list should also apply to the alerts attached to process checks of another answer for this question).

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