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After reading numerous articles today it's still a bit unclear to me whether or not I can deploy my Rails 3 app to multiple instances of mongrel while using Apache 2.2 for load balancing.

I currently have mongrel 1.2.0.pre2 running one instance of my app in production mode, but it seems that the mongrel_service gem is not compatible with Rails 3. Many of the articles I've read on this are somewhat dated, so has anyone ironed out this problem in a working application? Or is there an alternate solution that's ideal for use in Windows Server 2008? I'd gladly move to a Linux environment using Passenger but unfortunately Windows is a requirement.

Here's our current config:
Windows Server 2008 (required)
Rails 3.0.9
Ruby 1.9.2
Apache 2.2
Mongrel gem version 1.2.0.pre2

I admit to having very little knowledge of web servers!

Thank you!

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