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I just finished doing a LAMP install on a CentOS 6 x64 install.

I have had LAMP server before this one, and I would always ssh into the server as root but i'm trying to make a production environment and i would like to make a user that I can log in with that isn't root or has root privileges.

I noticed that in some of my PHP scripts that create files using the fopen() functions that it sets the user and group to apache.

What would i need to do is I wanted to have a user called optik and a group called nerv (just examples). Also when PHP makes new files and or folders how can i get it so that it too uses that same user and groups?

At this point I just have a fresh LAMP install from SoftLayer and nothing else other than MySQL server running on it as well. (no yum updates or anything of the sort yet)

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suphp is what you need if you want to run php scripts as a specific user:

You should try to find a howto for your Centos distribution to set it up correctly.

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