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This question follows a mod_jk configuration question asked earlier. I have managed to to have go to Tomcat while having go to Apache.

However, my requests to (to access Tomcat's manager for example) don't work anymore. How can/should I update my 000-default file mentioned in my previous question to keep access to Tomcat's manager under this configuration?

P.S.: Yes, I am a newbie/not a sysadmin.

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What output did you get? Also take a look at catalina.out to see what it say. – quanta Sep 20 '11 at 15:13
@quanta I am getting a blank page and when I 'View Page Source' it is blank (no content) – JVerstry Sep 20 '11 at 15:31
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Ok, I think understand the role of JkUnMount better. I changed my 000-default file to:

JkMount /* worker1
JkUnMount /*.html worker1

All goes to tomcat and I have access to the manager again. The default Apache html page is still served.

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