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I'm trying to install a software which comes with a shell script to install, and I need to run this in su because of some drivers it installs.

When I try to run this shell script with sudo:

➜  lab  sudo ./xsetup 
_xsetup: cannot connect to X server

And this is the error message I get in a dialog window when I try to run it with kdesu:

Cannot execute command ' ./xsetup'.


Btw, if anyone's interested, the software I'm trying to install is Xilinx.

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It seems that kdesu can't properly locate your script, use full path instaed of relative and check if script is executable. sudo can't find proper X Dispaly, may be because DISPLAY variable is not correctly set. Can you run gui applications from console, that you use, without sudo?

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thanks, when I give kdesu the full path, it worked. – bs0d1 Sep 20 '11 at 18:35

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