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I installed libiconv in my CentOS manually using ./configure and make.

Now this library is conflicting with the same library which installed by default by EasyApache tools of cPanel/WHM and cPanel support staff are telling me I should uninstall the libiconv library which I installed manually.

How can I uninstall softwares which I installed manually in CentOs or generally in Linux. I know if I have been installed l libiconv using a tool like yum, uninstall was easy, but what when I installed it manually?

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If you don't specify a --prefix when configuring, by default, the binaries are installed to /usr/local/bin, the libraries are installed to /usr/local/lib, ... So, do a quick search with:

# find /usr/local -name '*iconv*'

Verify it is the version which you compiled and really uninstall with:

# find /usr/local/ -name '*iconv*' -exec rm -f '{}' \;
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It was easier that I thought. If you installed the software using make command, you can easily uninstall it completely by using "make uninstall".

It will remove everything and is provided by the library developer.

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