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I am currently in the process of developing an apache based intranet for our company, to replace the current network folder based system.

The current system works well, in that as the documents that are being linked to on the webpage are just stored in a local network folder, this means that they can be opened, edited, and saved directly back to that folder, ready for the next person to open and edit.

my concern is that if we switch to an apache and php based system, when opening a document from a link ont the intranet, this will be stored in a temp location, and can not be simply saved back to the folder that it came from.

I have thought about using webdav to have mapped folders for certain users to access, this is just more work, and I feel defeats the point of a centralised site to host documents.

FTP would leave me in a similar boat, with having to show users how to use it and what the proceedures would be.

The simplest solution I can come up with is to have an upload button on a page that users can use after editing the document.

Anyone have any other suggestions or solutions to make this process as simple and similar to how it works at the moment?

Many Thanks Eds

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and why no mention of a cloud based solution gapps/office365 etc. –  tony roth Sep 21 '11 at 14:40
we have been experimenting with a 30 day trial internally of office 365, and have been quite unimpressed with the functionality, design and reliability thusfar. bearing in mind if they keep having outages as they have been, then we lose access to all our documents. we would rather keep them hosted internally –  Eds Sep 21 '11 at 14:56
o365 is just one option of many and its been quite realiable for my customers. But most of them are virtual by nature as in there is no real central office or if there was they didn't want one. So ymmv! –  tony roth Sep 21 '11 at 15:07

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Take a look at alfresco it offers this functionality.

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If it isn't broke, why fix it?
But seriously- what problem are you trying to resolve here? If it's only documents that you are dealign with, you need to use a file sharing based system (using a NAS/DFS or other shared drive (even dropbox style)).

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Its not so much a problem that needs fixing, its more, trying to improve upon what already exists. While it is mainly documents, we will also have content, some of which I would like to hide based on users and location, which I have currently implemented on my test system using simple php and mysql scripts. If i leave things as they are, either people will be able to see everything, or it will not be content complete. I would like to be able to be content complete and still hide things from certain users –  Eds Sep 21 '11 at 14:35

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