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Using PSEXEC to call CMD for a DEL command on a remote computer through a batch script.

PSEXEC \\hostname -u username -p password CMD /C DEL /Q /F C:\Folder\File.txt

The script pauses with a new CMD window popped up connected to the remote machine.

Why will psexec not automatically pass my DEL command via CMD?


The command works fine when sent directly through the CLI and not in a batch script

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Why not just run:

del /q \\hostname\c$\FolderFile\File.txt

Otherwise, write thet batch file on your system, then use the -c switch of psexec to "Copy the specified program to the remote system for execution"

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Your example command works fine in my test running in a batch file on Windows 7 targeting Windows XP, which is strange.

You could try enclosing your del command in quotes:

PSEXEC \\hostname-u username -p password CMD /C "DEL /Q /F C:\test.txt"
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