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So Lion generally represented a pretty serious move toward 64-bit systems for Mac OS X. But while I was poking around the Lion Server: Advanced Administration guidelines here:

I ran across this gem:

If you are trying to submit jobs over 2 GB The Xgrid controller is a 32-bit process and keeps most job input and output data in memory. This means that the controller can crash if your jobs require a large amount of input or produce a large amount of output.

You can use a shared filesystem (such as Xsan or NFS) to share large amounts of data between distributed processes.

Is that text a holdover from an older version of the documentation, or is the Xgrid controller still really a 32-bit process?

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Having run the XGrid controller process on a Lion Server, turns out it is indeed 64-bit. Hopefully, this means the issues with storing input and output data in memory - and the subsequent crashes for larger jobs - will be less of an issue.

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