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I'm using nginx as reverse proxy to redirect some traffic to openfire XMPP server. Here's what I see in netstat:

972 connections to port 80 from outside (includes website and redirected XMPP over http)
of them 231 in TIME_WAIT, seems like normal
272 connection from localhost:<misc port> to localhost:7070 (nginx to xmpp server), all ESTABLISHED
3154 connections from localhost:7070 to localhost:<misc port> (xmpp back to nginx)
of them 2882 in TIME_WAIT (1301 of them with expired timers) seems like it's not normal!

Why there are so many? How to get rid of this connections?

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maybe this is related to: serverfault.com/questions/23385/… –  Jaap Oct 22 '12 at 13:29

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