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Is there any way to force ddclient to run some script on succcessful update? No-IP client have that feature, but I must use dyndns service.

Thanks in advance.

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This page says you can configure a postscript-parameter in ddclient.conf:

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I haven't used this option, but ddclient does have a postscript option. Per the documentation, ddclient will run the script specified in the postscript option, passing in the new IP. Peeking in the ddclient Perl code, the script is called via system().

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The IP is given as argument. For Asterisk I needed the (changed) public IP to be active immediately, so that Asterisk can determine it's external IP. I accomplished this by editting the /etc/hosts file with the post script. Replace with your own.

# Update hosts file with changed IP
DOMAIN=`echo "$D" | sed 's/\./\\\\./g'`
sed -i_bak -e "/[\t]$DOMAIN/d" /etc/hosts

echo "$IP\t$D" >>/etc/hosts
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