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I am not sure, this might be a stupid question. but I would like to know if that is possible. and any website available from where I can do this online.

One of my website is hosted on server i.e. shared ip address. My domain is expired or i don't have domain for that website. but server is live and accessible.

When I configure my local computer HOST file and following (server ip where site hosted.)

Now I can open the website by typing the above url.

Is there a way or is there a website which can do this for me. where I enter the websitename and my dedicated server ip and it can show the website hosted on that server, without doing any configuration on my computer or on remote server.

I don't know How to access my website from host once my domain is expired. I can't access it using dedicated server ip directly because I need to tell dedicate server which hosted site I want to access.

Any Possibilities????

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No. DNS servers would have to do this, and at most you could have a company DNS server add the "fake" entry. If anyone could do this for anyone you'd have a million porn sites called "".

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yes. that is valid point. May be I was unable to explain my question. I meant, is there a website who can do this a fake entry on their server/ host file automatically and open my website in a container. so I don't need to add a fake entry in my windows HOST file to access website. – user57221 Sep 22 '11 at 10:08
Only if you're talking about web hosting where your site is a sub-site under their domain, and you don't have any way to use the domain name you want. I.e., But you'll never have again. I think the answer to your question is no, you can't do that outside of your own domain server in your own network so all the machines within your network would see your "domain" but nothing outside will see it. – Bart Silverstrim Sep 22 '11 at 11:02
If you want your domain to work for others to see it and get to it by name you must actually pay for the domain name and have a DNS server host it on the webbertubes. – Bart Silverstrim Sep 22 '11 at 11:02
I still unable to explain my question. I have view the website host on my server ip by just adding a line in my HOST file "". OK Now this is is viewable on my computer but none of others. My friend can view same website by adding the same line in his computer host file. Ok Now we both can view the website. none of other. Is there any online website system available where I visit that website i.e. – user57221 Sep 22 '11 at 17:07
and fill up two fields and ipaddress that website scrip automatically add the above host line in his system and visit that website and fetch the contents to view them in that third party website container so my customer can view the look and feel of website. you know the where we enter the website and it take us archive version of that website. that is a built system. – user57221 Sep 22 '11 at 17:07

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