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I'm implementing a deployment/rollback procedure using Jenkins 1.430. I would like to configure the deployment and the rollback steps as 2 separate jobs so as to be triggered independently if needed. However I would also like the rollback to be triggered automatically when the deployment fails.

When I go to the Post-build Actions configuration section of the deployment job, I can choose to Build other projects. If I check that setting I get 3 options:
-Trigger only if build succeeds
-Trigger even if the build is unstable
-Trigger even if the build fails

What I'm missing is the Trigger only if build fails option.

Do you know how this can be achieved?

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The Parameterized Trigger Plugin allows you to run another build of any project based upon the status of the just-completed build.enter image description here

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I've also found this one: – Max Sep 26 '11 at 11:53

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