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I'm using the Quest commandlets for a very simple and straightforward update but it's not working. No errors, it just fails to change the value:

Set-QADUser ttest -ObjectAttributes @{office="ABQ"}

Can't get much simpler - what am I doing wrong? both of these work fine:

Set-QADUser ttest -objectAttributes @{otherTelephone=@('555-34-67','555-34-68')}
Set-QADUser ttest -objectAttributes @{otherTelephone=''}

but this does not:

Set-QADUser ttest -objectAttributes @{extensionattribute2="test"}
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using dsquery with dsmod probably is a little more fullproof. – tony roth Sep 22 '11 at 19:59
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Check the actual name of the attribute in Active Directory. The "office" attribute doesn't exist. I believe you want physicalDeliveryOfficeName. Be sure to -IncludeAllProperties when querying a user object to get the extensionAttribute2.

Use ADSIEdit to get a list of AD user properties.

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Strange... I tried physicaldeliveryofficename (incorrect case but correct property) and that worked. I guess "Office" is a property that Quest adds to the object after the fact. extensionattribute2 works also (but you have to use -includeallproperties switch to see it when you query the user object). Thanks. – Keith Sep 22 '11 at 21:41

try this:

Set-QADUser ttest -objectAttributes @{extensionattribute2='"test"'}

it worked for me.

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