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I have tried to rewrite the following Nginx locations rules to a single location block, but because of the (.*)$ it seems to be evading me..

 location ~ /admin {
    rewrite   ^/admin(.*)$ /target.php last;

 location ~ /index/ {
    rewrite   ^/index/(.*)$ /target.php last;

 location ~ /services/ {
    rewrite   ^/services/(.*)$ /target.php last;

 location ~ /test/ {
    rewrite   ^/test/(.*)$ /target.php last;

I have been able to use regex before, but couldn't get the approach below fit the above

 location ~ /(someplace|other|another) 
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If always target.php (and where is $1? ):

location ~ /(test|services|index)/ {
    rewrite   ^/*/(.*)$ /target.php last;
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Thanks. $1 gets ignored here because the FastCGI - which ultimately services the rewrite - uses $request_uri for onward decision making – j pimmel Sep 23 '11 at 19:40

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