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I'm running a site on a dedicated server
(vps = virtual private network , with windows server 2008 , iis & dns has been installed without any configs , have one dedicated ip address)
and trying to setup dns correctly for a specific domain (
How do I properly setup the ns1 & ns2 nameservers and web zones for that domain , so its publicly live and viewable?
I'm running Windows server 2008 r2 as administrator user.
i am system web developer and so sorry for lack of knowledge about this situation , but i want to learn it step by step.
would be appreciate it for some help !

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I would probably leave the DNS (primary and secondary) pointing at the VPS provider's nameservers and just update your DNS records (www = w.x.y.z) with whoever hosts your domain name.

Since you only have 1 IP address assigned I don't think you intend to host your own DNS nameservers. Better just remove the DNS role from the server.

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