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I have a Windows Server 2008 box. One interface is on a VPN ( and one is on the local netowrk ( I have enabled RRAS and on a different machine on my LAN I have added a static route route to the VPN via A traceroute only gets as far as Is there another step that I need to take?



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The server at has to be able to route the traffic from one NIC to the other NIC, which I don't believe it's going to do by default. – joeqwerty Sep 23 '11 at 11:51
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installing RRAS used to silently enable IP forwarding on the machine, but this might not be the case anymore. Check your RAS config to see if forwarding is enabled. Also, with RRAS you are able to specify packet filtering rules - check that the current ruleset is not blocking your transfers.

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