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Is there any way to find out which servers, on the way on DNS routing, are caching records, and for how long? I'm on a iMac with Leopard.

The reason I ask this, is that I've made some DNS changes to a domain name yesterday, and it's 30 hours later and still I'm not getting any changes. But through a few proxies, we saw the changes already 4 hours after the change, which would be normal.

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If it's for testing purposes you can edit your /etc/hosts file and add lines like:

If it's in a general sense (you just launched a new website) then you are stuck. ISP doesn't like to show lot of their internals.

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You can see the current TTL sent by your caching resolver using dig:

$ dig +nocmd A +noall +answer        86331    IN    A

The second column of the output is the current TTL in seconds. Repeat the query after a few seconds to verify it reduces.

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