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I have two Ubuntu machines on the same network. I installed openssh-server and client. When I try to connect through the terminal i get the following message: "Permission denied, please try again" . Then after attempting to type my password in get the last message: " Permission denied (publickey,password)" However I can ssh to the computer through Nautilus, with no problem.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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It looks like an ssh-agent issue. Access to your ssh agent is via the environment variables $SSH_AUTH_SOCK and $SSH_AGENT_PID. These are inherited by child processes. How are you launching the terminal? – Keith Thompson Sep 24 '11 at 20:02

A few questions for you:

Do you get the permission denied after entering your password, or is this just after executing ssh?

Are you logging in as a specific user? (eg. ssh user1@myserver)

Are the computers on the same network? If they are not do you put in the full computername? (eg. ssh

This should help pinpoint where the problem is occuring.

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