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I'm trying to add a domain with quixote as its backend. I searched google and found that there are servaral choices to glue quixote and apache together. I chose scgi because it seems like the choice with the best performace.

So, I installed mod_python and scgi_apache, but got stuck with the config. I found a tutorial with google that said the usual scgi configuration for apache is:

SCGIMount /

which only redirects some requests with the url posfix with the root "/" to the quixote request handler, so when I tried to redirect some domain requests to it:


it didn't work and just directed to the page of my default host.

Does anyone have a solution or advice on this? Any help is greatly appreciated.

By the way, anyone with reputation over 1500 please add "quixote" as a tag.

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after study, I finally figured out how to make certain host to support quixote while keep other hosts out. Actually, we can add the

SCGIMount /

into some virtual hsot configuration file in the httpd-vhost.conf file. e.g., here is my configuration:

   <VirtualHost *:80>
   DocumentRoot "/Users/itbeing/Projects/www/"
   ErrorLog "/private/var/log/apache2/"
   CustomLog "/private/var/log/apache2/" com$
   #setup a location to be servered by an SCGI server process.
   SCGIMount /

That is it. Hopefully this would help to else who have the same similar question.

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