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On Windows Server 2003 x64 I had a drive volume become temporarily unavailable (an external iscsi storage device). In the course of troubleshooting I rebooted the machine, and the external volume did become available again until after the reboot. Now the shares I had pointing to the external volume are no longer available. The registry shows the missing shares and their permissions. How do I get them back?

I would like to avoid recreating them as new shares as it will be some work to apply the various permission levels to each.

This is what "Computer Management > Shared Folders" shows now (system shares omitted):

Maps   E:\maps
Work   E:\Work

and it should be:

Maps   E:\Allofit\maps
Work   E:\Allofit\Work
Archives  G:\Archives
Warehouse G:\Warehouse

And here are the registry entries for the missing shares (hex values omitted):

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Here's cure to the problem behind the problem: Windows Server 2003 forgets folder shares from ISCSI-Volume after restart – matt wilkie Oct 9 '12 at 21:28
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Turns out the solution was as easy as it is annoying: reboot the server 1 more time, then the old shares are available again.

I speculate that I could have acheived the same result by restarting one or some of the network services, and I considered doing that, but since this is a headless box and all the managment is done from remote was safer to reboot, though I did need to run around and get people to close their active files first.

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there's a more simple solution for that: restart the server service.

c:\> net stop server
c:\> net start server

sometimes other services depend on the lanman server service; they will automatically be restarted in this case.

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