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My pings to sites are relatively quick: ~6-7ms to Google.

However, when I load the actual site Firefox measures it as taking 1-2 seconds on average. In fact, most websites appear to take that long. I've tested this with an out-of-network computer and obviously it's much faster.

Where do I start on debugging? Is there an easy way to do a kind of a traceroute, except for on the webpages?

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My gut tells me that this is a web content filter/cache creating your lag. Probably transparent, since you dont mention it.

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tcptraceroute can show a traceroute of TCP/UDP/ICMP requests : see the Wikipedia page for it for an example.

You might also want to try using Firebug for Firefox -- it will give you a network time-line for requests and replies, showing you where those couple of seconds have gone.

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Try hitting google by IP and see if you see the same lag:

If not, then you've got a DNS issue somewhere. Check the machine's hosts file to make sure that there aren't any unexpected entries (usually from malware).

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