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I have ISPConfig set up at a VPS at IP address On that ISPConfig installation I have configures one site called Now when I visit in the browser, it's correctly displaying the folder /var/www/

The issue is: When I visit it's also displaying /var/www/ That's not supposed to happen, is it? What could possibly be the reason?

To sum up: is a VPS with ISPConfig installed. It has Apache, FTP software, DNS software, courier etc. installed and ISPConfig is handling them all. When I visit the domain name of a site hosted on that server, I expect to be taken to the correct folder on that server, which I am. But when I visit the IP address of the server, I expect nothing to happen. Instead it displays the only site configured at the moment.

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When a Host: header matching no configured sites is encountered by Apache on a port using name-based virtual hosting, it serves the request from the first VirtualHost block that was loaded on that port.

If you want to prevent the behavior that you're observing, set up a VirtualHost that loads before your real one, which has a bogus ServerName and doesn't serve your site.

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