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I have a .reg script:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"Application"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Java\\jre6\\bin\\java.exe"
"AppParameters"="-Xrs -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.0b1.jar"

I would like to run it from a .bat file, but rather than D:\SeleniumRC I would like to pass the current directory. How can I do this?

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%CD% will get you your current working directory, and you may be able to use the "Reg" command rather than a .reg fragment:

So, maybe something like the following would work for you. Just create a .bat file with the following contents:

REG ADD HKLM\System\CUrrentControlSet\Services\SeleniumRC\Parameters /v Application /t REG_SZ /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe"

REG ADD HKLM\System\CUrrentControlSet\Services\SeleniumRC\Parameters /v AppDirectory /t REG_SZ /d "%CD%"

REG ADD HKLM\System\CUrrentControlSet\Services\SeleniumRC\Parameters /v AppParameters /t REG_SZ /d "-Xrs -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.0b1.jar"

(thanks @jscott for the tip)

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You may want to consider double-quotes around %CD%, should it contain a space. – jscott Sep 28 '11 at 10:17
Agreed - edited to reflect that – Dan Sep 28 '11 at 11:51

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