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Im new to exchange and want to test out exch 2010 in a hyper-v vm.

Im using win 2008 r2, believe I have installed all the prerequisites.

I try to install using setup in /hosting mode using the following command from the directory that I copied all the exchange install files to: /m:install /r:m,ca,ht /hosting /on:testtest

The setup however does not start and I get the following message:

Welcome to Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Setup Help Please type one of the below options for detailed Help about each subject: /help:Install - Installing Exchange Server roles


I've carefully checked for typos and I just can't seem to figure out what seems to be the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Image attached because I don't have enough points?

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Well the answer was pretty simple, I was not using a SP1 install DVD and the /hosting switch apparently only works with sp1.

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