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I recently set up SPF records for a domain and when I checked the records using I got an error message that stated

SPF records should also be published in DNS as type SPF records.

In Godaddy there is only an option to add TXT records, and not SPF records, as far as I can tell.


They do have a link for "Add SPF Record" but it just generates a TXT record. Does Godaddy just not support this or do I not understand what the error message is saying?

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This is probably not one for stackoverflow (superuser perhaps). However, we had a similar issue at work (our DNS provider did not support SPF records). Apparently TXT records may be used to host a SPF record (see…) – Luckyboy Sep 26 '11 at 2:14
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SPF originally used TXT records but in IETF circles that was considered bad engineering because TXT has become a dumping ground for any old chunk of information and there's no way of knowing when you ask for a TXT record whether what you're going to get is an SPF record, something else, or even both.

Hence a formal SPF record DNS type was introduced to mitigate those concerns. If there's no SPF record you'd get back a NODATA response, instead of whatever irrelevant TXT records might exist for other purposes at that domain.

However many web DNS panels don't support it, as you've just found.

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