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I know there is this question on ServerFault, but it doesn't respond to mine. (

I want to set up an automatic reply robot on my linux server (no idea what distro), but I don't want any MySQL stuff in it. I just want it as simple as possible. Something like this:

IF (receiver_email EQUAL TO "") THEN

Is this possible? Is there any autoresponder out there that would do that? Thanks.

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Yes there are even more than one. Use vacation and set it up as usual or look into other autoreply software.

Beware of having a general auto-reply functionality independent of the message content. Make sure you have scanned and eliminated all Spam/Viruses before. Otherwise you auto-reply to Spam which is a very bad idea.

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I wanted to avoid using vacation, as I am having a lot of difficulties installing/ configuring it, but I see there's not much choice. Thanks. – Eduard Luca Sep 30 '11 at 13:04

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