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Hi i was trying to get sensors data directly form iDrac card but no success.

SNMP: iDrac6 is offering only SNMP traps.

Racadm: in some versions of iDrac it was possible to get sensors data but when i type help there is no command regarding sensors.

SSH-SM CLP: I was able to connect to iDRAC but i have no clue how to get sensors information. I tried

show /admin1/system1/sp1/sensors1

and got


            ElementName = Sensors
            owningcollectionelement :
                    OwnedElement = /admin1/system1/sp1/sensors1
                    OwningElement = /admin1/system1/sp1
            elementconformstoprofile :
                    ConformantStandard = /admin1/profiles1/profile21
                    ManagedElement = /admin1/system1/sp1/sensors1

Please if somebody knows how to query sensors though SM CLP let me know.

I cant use Dell OM SA becouse of running on ESXi5.0 box.


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I'm in a position like this as well, it seems that (according to documentation) this should be available for monitoring, specifically in the MIB for DELL-RAC; odd. – thinice Jan 19 '12 at 22:47
Hi at then end, i ended up with IPMI. I call it from perl and parsed the result. That way i could get temperatures, rpms of fans maybe on some servers also raid status, but that wasnt my case. – MightyPolo Jan 21 '12 at 11:24
Ish; it annoys me to no end that the DRAC MIB's have all kinds of sensors in them but yet it's not available on an IDRAC6 enterprise... – thinice Jan 22 '12 at 3:51

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