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Similar to Is it possible to install Mailparse extension via PECL installation - without recompiling PHP I'm trying to install mailparse on xampp. XAMPP actually has a guide for this, and I've tried to follow along.

I've got the latest version (1.7.3) via the XAMPP site, and I had the same problems mentioned in the other question until I installed the dev package (oops) but then it did say that it installed and that it modified the php.ini file, and I can confirm that, previously there was no extension="" and now it is there.

However, when I check the system using phpinfo() it does not show up, and when I try using the mailparse commands it gives an error, for example

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mailparse_rfc822_parse_addresses()

I have already restarted XAMPP, just not sure what to do/check next.

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This guide describes installing OAuth. Installing PECL should be very similar.

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Linkrot - this answer is now useless. – Brilliand Jul 14 '15 at 19:50

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