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Trying to evaluate the requirements of my Web application, I wanted to put it under load and at the same time check how it scales on memory and CPU.

But running AB/HTTPerf and htop/"pidstat -C" in a way that produces a coherent log file is quite challenging. Further, those monitoring tools consume a lot of CPU resources, injecting a bias in the results.

The best match for the task I could find is an open-source wrapper for ApacheBench:


Do you know about other open-source tools that do it all in one single step?

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possible duplicate of Tools for load-testing HTTP servers? –  mailq Sep 29 '11 at 20:53
I too want to see such a tool (and may yet create it). In the past I’ve recorded dstat output in a csv file, then stitched it together in a spreadsheet with httperf data. That’s way too time consuming though. –  Michael Kropat Dec 16 '11 at 23:00

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Funkload could be a solution: http://funkload.nuxeo.org/

But when I needed to collect CPU/memory info, I just ran 'top -d 1 -b >> log.txt' and then parse the log.txt with some simple self-written program or bash script to get data I need. To calculate average cpu load, a simple bash script should be enough. If you need a chart, you can use, for example, gnuplot. I also like tool called 'sar' to monitor the host performance.

IMHO, in many cases, parsing top and sar output is much easier than customizing an universal tool like funkload

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It also pays to give the system some slack in memory that it can use for its page cache / vfs cache i.e. what you see in top in the 'cached' column. –  ZaphodB Oct 2 '12 at 12:55

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