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I am running Ubuntu Maverick + Apache2.2 and I did some reading up on using mod_vhost_alias to serve/create subdomains on the fly.

But, when I try installing it through apt, all I can find is mod_vhost_hash_alias.

Is this the same thing? Where is all the documentation for it?

The following query of the apache website returns no useful information


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mod_vhost_hash_alias in an out of tree module for Apache's HTTPD server. It's used to host a really massive / large amount of virtual host on a server. With own Apache mod_vhost_alias, you will find many (most) sites on a common subdirectory: it will make it difficult to have a simple policy to distribute to file-servers: some will have more sites to hold. With mod_vhost_hash_alias, by hashing the hostname, web sites will be equally/uniformly distributed on the filesystem. It's used by, more – ydroneaud Apr 11 '13 at 10:14

Depends on your distribution, but, if it's Debian or Ubuntu, it's included in the default Apache package.

Just a2enmod vhost_alias and restart Apache.

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Thank you!!!!!! – extramina Sep 30 '11 at 3:02

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