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Has anyone successfully got this to work? The VPN client uses UDP encapsulation and adds an 8 byte header to the encrypted packet, which ISA then strips out. the remote gateway then rejects the connection.

I have tried the NAT-T solutions but they don't seem to work. I have set the following in the firewall policy:

UDP 500 send-receive IP-level 51 send-receive IP-level 50 send-receive UDP 4500 send-receive UDP 2746 send-receive TCP 264 outbound

I have also set some other ports but I think they are specific to this implementation. Does anyone know the exact settings that should be enabled on the client?

any advice would be appreciated.



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You may want to look at visitor mode since that works on port 443 and should get through the ISA without any problems. But I am not sure if it is available in SecuRemote or if it is only in SecureClient.

CheckPoint sk13187 list all the ports need if don't already have a list.

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