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Simple Question that I just realized would be very useful.

Under Linux (or really any 'nix environment) is it possible from the command line (or by other fashions, but primarily command line) to copy a file to the clipboard? Any example of this working would be appreciated but the best answer would be a general case in which this is possible across multiple 'nix environments (I'm running Fedora 10 atm if that makes any difference).

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Looks like you want xclip.

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+1: Awesome! I figured there was a program like that around, but didn't know the name :) – MikeyB Jun 25 '09 at 18:10

Are you in X? Or text-only?

If you're in text mode, it's dead simple if you're using screen (which is awesome):

<C-A>:readbuf /path/to/file

To paste:

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