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I'm looking for a way to monitor the "queue depth" of my resque and resque-scheduler redis instances. Currently I am using god to ensure the resque and resque-scheduler tasks are running, and I use Scout to monitor my Rails application in general. What I am looking for is a way to monitor the number and rate of jobs being scheduled and executed. (Basically, I feel pretty confident that I will know of a problem with resque where it is just plainly not running, but I am more concerned about a scenario where the job queue is getting backed up or some other event has caused a large number of jobs to be scheduled, possibly due to some other error.)

I'm using redistogo in this application, though that may not be significant to how I approach the problem. Thanks for any pointers.

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Scout provides a resque monitor plugin but it didn't support resque-scheduler and seemed to default the namespace in a different way than the resque gem. I forked the source for the Scout plugin from jnewland and made some enhancements that added resque-scheduler support as well as matching the default namespace in the resque gem and some other configuration options. If this is helpful to anyone else, I've made it available on github and issued a pull request.

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