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I currently using a CVS pserver for code management here at work. However, I forgot what my password was. Is there a way I can reset my password? I am pretty sure the password is encrypted in some manner (perhaps MD5?).

I did do a search for similar questions, but was not able to find any. If this is a duplicate, please let me know and I will take it down.

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You cannot retrieve the password; it's encrypted one-way. You can set a new one, however.

The usual way to manage this is to have a checkout of the CVSROOT module, edit the passwd file and cvs commit it.

If nobody has working access to a checkout of CVSROOT, you can always go into the CVSROOT directory inside the CVS repository and edit passwd directly. Matt Simmons's suggestion for generating a properly encrypted password will work for that.

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I've always used 'htpasswd' to generate mine.

 htpasswd -nb username password

Paste the hash into the proper field.

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