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In my company the LAN is under a Windows domain called

We also have a website which is hosted elsewhere. From outside our LAN the website is reachable, while from our LAN I get the following error:

10061 - Connection refused
Internet Security and Acceleration Server

If I try to ping the address from outside our LAN I see it actually resolves to a different symbolic name, then I get its actual IP

On our DNS under Forward lookup zones / I set a new host www and assigned it the IP address Then I can ping from any PC in our domain but I still can't reach the website.

So I tried a different thing: instead of defining a host www, I defined an alias www that points to, and again I can ping it correctly, but it still doesn't work.

If I don't have an entry for www in the DNS I can't even ping (obvious, but I had to try).

I've tried doing a test with portqryui, from within our LAN, and I can see ports 80 and 443 are open and listening. I've tried with multiple browsers, to no avail. I can't understand why I can't access the website.

Any suggestions? Thank you very much.

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Your problem appears to be with ISA not DNS. – joeqwerty Oct 3 '11 at 12:09
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Apparently, the problem solved itself after a while. I checked again and now it works... I guess joeqwerty was right and the problem was with ISA, maybe it was caching the original DNS request or something.

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