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Firstly I'm not sure if this was the right site to post this question, but it seemed more appropriate that using stack-overflow because its Web/DNS based.

I'm having a bit of trouble setting up a sub domain, I have 2 domain names linked to my vps running Ubuntu 10.04 with apache2.2. I'm using virtual hosts to redirect 'mydomain'.co.uk to a sub folder and this is all working fine.

My problem is that I cant seem to link projects.mydomain.com to a folder, the request never seems to get to my webserver.

Now, 123 reg wants £10 per year to register sub domains** witch is ridiculous seeing as a) they should be free and b) my main domains cost me less than that for 2 years. So what I'm asking is it normal to have to pay for sub-domains or is it just 123 reg? If so, if I moved to another provider would I be able and how could I properly point theses sub domains to the correct place?

any suggestions for what to do about this would be grate!

Thanks guys and girls.

  • Waltzy

** - Edit.

Turns out the £10 sub domain thing has nothing to do with just wanting to register addresses like this, you can do that by adding an A record to the DNS. After reading this someone at reg123 actually phoned me! Talk about customer support!

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Did you have NameVirtualHost *:80 in the configuration file? –  quanta Oct 3 '11 at 16:30
Perhaps subdomains in your providers sense is a separate hosting account, with web/ftp etc. Send them an e-mail directly and ask how you can edit your DNS zone. –  pauska Oct 3 '11 at 16:34

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Go to your 123-reg control panel, in the Domain Names section select thehubworld.co.uk and click Manage. On the manage domain form, under Advanced Domain Settings click Manage DNS ... then Scroll down till you get to the A, CNAME and TXT records form. You can use this to Add New Entry

projects A

Click Update DNS. You should now have a new A record pointing to your IP address that will resolve to projects.thehubworld.co.uk. If Your apache is configured correctly then it should now serve pages from your sub domain.

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eps@gank:~$ host thehubworld.co.uk
thehubworld.co.uk has address
eps@gank:~$ host projects.thehubworld.co.uk
Host projects.thehubworld.co.uk not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

You need to add "projects" to your DNS server/provider, either as a A-record directly against the IP or use CNAME against another hostname that points against the IP.

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I found it, thanks for the advice, I set an A record for projects to my IP and it seems to be (nearly) routing properly now. thanks! –  Waltzy Oct 3 '11 at 16:58

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