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I was playing with Folder Redirection feature of Microsoft.

the only domain controller is under: Windows Server 2008 R2 the workstation is: Windows 7 Enterprise.

I have set GPO, Folder Redirection for Documents only.

Also, I didn't set profile roaming.

Now, when I log in to the Workstation, I see (in Properties) that Redirections are really working. However it's using TEMP profile anyways, even though I set FR only for Documents. not for Desktop nor any other folder I also didn't set up Profile Roaming.

WHy is it showing me this? I am missing something?

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Copy all the user profile folder from \Users\%UserName% to the new location.

When you set up Folder Redirection in a user that have been already logged on a machine Windows will create the new user folder but it wont have all files that user needs like NTUSER.DAT.

So, If the original folder for that user was created in C:\Users, you have to copy that folder to the new path.

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