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I am trying to create a mail server setup with 1 main server and 1 or more mirrored slave servers. I mounted /var/vmail as glusterfs with data (in gluster terms posix storage) in /data/export. This was done in both slave and master server. What happens is when mail comes in master's /var/vmail it get stored into /data/export and also tranfered across network to /var/vmail in slave and gets stored at /data/export. It happens the same way when mail comes at the slaves end.

This was done with a view that when master fails slave will take over and the other way round. But when I stopped server /var/vmail in slave becomes innaccesseble with following error 'Transport endpoint is not connected.'. Is there anyway I can stop this behaviour and make sure that the local data is exposed at /var/vmail when the other server is down?

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So what is your GlusterFS type? Distributed, Striped, Distributed Replicated or Distributed Striped? –  mailq Oct 4 '11 at 12:07
Distributed Replicated. Here is the configuration pastebin.com/0RKrnXdY –  Mahesh M Oct 4 '11 at 18:12
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