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I have setup a service on my server which has opened a port (ie, 40000) but its foreign address is :::* which is a wildcard ipv6 address (I think)

When I run telnet localhost 40000 on the server the connection is working fine, but when I try to telnet from my local machine it doesn't work.

When I telnet from my local machine Im using an ipv4 address.

How can I have the port to listen on an ipv4 address rather than an ipv6 address.

By the way, when I run netstat -anp --tcp --udp to check the open ports this is what I get for the port I'm trying to open

Local Address: :::40000
Foreign Address: :::*

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What service are you talking about? – Bart De Vos Oct 4 '11 at 12:05
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How to configure this depends on the service, but you'll want to configure it to listen on the all-addresses IPv4 address,

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