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We recently ran the Dell Performance Analysis Collection kit which monitors your servers via WMI for 24 hours. You send the file off to Dell and they return a report with graphs of IOPS and MB/S disk usage.

This uncovered some interesting stats for us which we'd like to look further into. This is just a sales tool for Dell, but is there a similar tool that we can download/purchase for use that generates our own reports? Even better would be ot tell us what processes are using the IO.

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I've never seen Dell do this, but maybe it was something like PAL. There's also Windows Performance Monitor and Perfmon, both are free. I was going to also mention IOMeter but it doesn't sound like you want to generate your own load.

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DPACK is free and available at Then search for dpack for the latest update

This is a service carried over from their purchase of compellent (imo the best SAN solution in the market)

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It is a very good tool, actually I am in contact with my Dell account manager about how to get it... Some briev overview is here:

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