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I use elastifox firefox plugin to create instances and snapshots of volumes that I created.

in 'volumes and snapshots' tab in the bottom table i can filter the snapshots that I see by 'My snapshots' and 'no filter'.

does it mean that people can use that snapshots that I create as well!!!!?? if it is true can I create private snapshots somehow ?


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Snapshots that you create are private by default. You must explicitly make them public if you wish to do so. You can verify the current state (private/public/shared) of any of your snapshots, by logging into the AWS Console, and under EC2 > Snapshots, right clicking the snapshot in question and selecting permissions.

Your snapshots should be set to 'Private' - if for some reason they are not you can easily change them there.

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thank you so much :) – ufk Oct 6 '11 at 7:30

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